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UPDD USB device not listed in Device Manager under Windows XP

If a USB supported device is not discovered by UPDD and added into the Mice and Pointer Device branch there is a possibility that the device id type listed for the device is not recognized by UPDD (we look for a number of device types).

Should this be the case we need to know the device id type notified by Windows for the device.  This can be achieved as follows:

1) Look in the Device Manager, Mice and pointer devices branch, and confirm the USB device is not listed (no USB device ending with ...., USB (UPDD))

If missing then please.....
2) Load a kernel debugged - download debugview at and set the following settings:

3) Run these commands in a CMD window from c:\program files\updd

tbutils nodevice setting dw pnptrace 1 (this enables PnP tracing)
tbupddwu -odc (this reloads the driver and prints the hardware information used to determine whether to take control of a device)

Cut and paste the output from the debugger window and send it to us.

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